The conference will have the following format:

  • Plenary lectures by keynote speakers(only after invitation).
  • Presentation of papers
  • Virtual presentations
  • Special Sessions- Minisymposium

Plenary Lectures By Keynote Speakers

Will cover major accomplishments on 3 selected fields of research on Development and Economics (duration 30 minutes followed by 10 minutes discussion).

Presentation of papers

Accepted abstracts, after peer-review by anonymous referees, will be divided into several sessions and will be presented with in a 10 minutes duration, followed by a 5 min discussion. The full program will be announced in September 2022 in the ICODECON web page. All corresponding authors of the accepted papers will receive a letter of acceptance through e-mail.

Virtual presentation

Accepted abstracts can also be presented by video conferencing. Authors interested in a virtual presentation should submit their work and register for the virtual presentation. Papers for virtual presentation will appear in the conference programme and in the Proceedings of the ICODECON (with ISBN).

Acceptance of abstracts for virtual presentation is subject to the same peer-review procedure as the abstracts that will be presented at the conference. Presenters are required to prepare the content for the presentation themselves, which can be made in one of these two ways (in no particular order):

1) Recording a video of the presentation.

About recording a video presentation: You can record your presentation through a camcorder, web-camera or mobile phone with at least 4 mega pixels quality. Feel free to open your video in an editing program (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, AVID, Final Cut Pro or other editing software), according to your expertise and convenience, to make alterations and all kind of editing (putting a title, your name, etc). Save your file either in *.AVI, *.MPG, *.WMV or *.MOV (extensions format).

2) Creating a PowerPoint presentation with slides and a voice-over, and saved as a video.

About creating a PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over: Use the PowerPoint program or similar (available in any Operating System) to compose your presentation in slides. This software is convenient and easier for almost all people, but you’re welcome to use other tools, creating advanced presentations. We suggest you start by present a picture of yourself with email contact or affiliations, with a welcome message to the audience, feel free to use your creativity, but try to keep it easy and brief. Use an audio recording device, such as a microphone or other external voice recorder, music, etc. Once you have you PowerPoint slides, you can insert the audio files using the program itself – click Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from file (choosing the location of your audio files). You can also record your voice with PowerPoint in each slide, if desired – click Insert > Movies and Sounds > Record sound. One can create self-running slides, including your voice narration. After you made the synchronized PowerPoint presentation, turn it into a movie file – click File > Make Movie – the opened window will allow you to choose the location where you want to save your video from the PowerPoint presentation (save your file either in *.AVI, *.MPG, *.WMV or *.MOV (extensions format).

Important notes for videos and PowerPoint videos:

– Spoken or written words must be in English.

– Try to achieve a good quality voice recording. Please use a quiet setting and speak clearly and slowly.

– Videos and PowerPoint videos should be kept simple, transmitting information clearly, like in a poster presentation with the respective contents. Use clear and visible characters in the text.

– Review and watch manys times your video and its contents in your software player.

– You MUST NOT EXCEED a 10 minutes presentation and 64 MB of space file.

The scientific Committee of ICODECON has decided to use the  Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) for the  submission of abstracts and papers to the Conference.

The authors who would like to submit their abstracts and/or papers to the Conference are kindly asked to use the following link to login to

If you already have an account, after you login,  you have to go to the tab ALL CONFERENCES and find the 5th International Conference of Development and Economy.

You can use Kalamata as a key word to filter the Conferences and find our Conference, which is listed as 5th International Conference of Development and Economy. 

If you are using the CMT for the first time, you have to register to CMT.

if you are registered and see the tab ICODE2022 on the top of the page,  you are ready to submit your abstract. If you want to submit an abstract, go to the tab create new submission

The abstracts and papers are uploaded as .doc  docx,  formats. Please note that we do not accept abstracts and papers in .pdf format.

If you have difficulty in using the submission platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to

The conference will provide a link with virtual content that will be send by email to all participants. All Virtual Presentation files will be uploaded by us onto a webpage with the respective details, so that all the conference participants can have access to them during and after the conference. This will give the opportunity for presenters who cannot attend the conference physically, but wish to participate, to showcase their work through a different medium.

The authors of the Virtual Presentations can be contacted via email by any conference participant who wishes to discuss the contents of the presentation. All corresponding authors of the accepted paper for virtual presentation will receive a letter of acceptance in their e-mail address as soon as possible. 

For important dates: please visit

Presentation Facilities

All the conference auditoriums and rooms are equipped with overhead projectors and data projector connected to personal computers. Power Point (office 2007, 2010) and Acrobat software will be installed on all machines.

If you wish to use a data projector, please bring your presentation on a USB memory stick, CD/DVD-ROM or SD, XD, MS memory card. Files can be loaded onto the computers during the breaks.

Due to time limitations within sessions, it might not be possible to connect your own laptop to the projectors.

Please note that all laptops will support windows 7 and 8.