Dr. Kosta Gouliamos

Professor Dr. Kosta Gouliamos, FRSA is Fmr. Rector of the European University Cyprus (EUC) and also Fmr. President of the Cyprus Rector’s Conference (2015-17). Since 2020 is the President of the International Research Institute for Economics and Management (IREM). He lives and works in Cyprus for the last 22 years, while previously lectured, taught and researched for more than fifteen years at leading Canadian universities. Professor Dr. Kosta Gouliamos has been elected (2018) Ordinary Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts; in 2021 the Presidium and the Senate of the Academy have nominated him Representative of Cyprus to the Academy. He has also been elected (2022) for his work Fellow of the American Academy of Technology/USA and Fellow (2021) of the historic Royal Society of Arts in London/UK. Professor Gouliamos is additionally Honorary Professor at Lanzhou City University/China, Wuhan Business University and Visiting Professor of Nanyang Normal University/China. He initiated and applied a strategic partnership with Minjiang University, which has led to the establishment of a joint International Digital Economy College based in Fuzhou/China. Professor Gouliamos was Member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the European Social Survey (ESS): an innovative research project that won Europe’s top social science award, the Descartes Prize. He served (2005-2011) as Member of the Standing Committee for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation (ESF) and as Member to the Steering Committee for Higher Education & Research (CDED) of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg/France. Professor Gouliamos was appointed Member of the European Commission/Research Directorate General – European RTD Evaluation Network, while from March 2017 until 2020 was chosen Council Member of Experts for ‘Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization- RIS3’ by the European University Association (EUA). Professor Dr. Kosta Gouliamos, FRSA has written a considerable number of books, chapters and papers; his work has been translated in several languages {French, Spanish, Slovak, Chinese, English, and Italian}. Parts of his published work have been listed in the Volume of the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) by the London School of Economics & Political Science. According to the ‘University of Toronto Quarterly’, his critical approach work – along with Professor W. Anselmi /University of Alberta – qualified him to “the Frankfurt School’s epigones”. He served as Editor and member of Editorial Boards of notable and/or high-ranking Journals. He co-authored with the renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis the essay “In the Dialectic of Harmony” (2018, Gutenberg). In 2018, he represented Cyprus as a poet in pan-European events on literature held in Amsterdam/the Netherlands, while he also participated in the European Literature Night in Leeuwarden/the Netherlands, as part of the program for the European Capital of Culture 2018. In 2021 Kostas Gouliamos was awarded the Panhellenic Poetry Prize “Jean Moreas” for his collection “Liquid Glass” (Gutenberg publications, 2020). Springer Nature, one of the top publishing houses worldwide, will publish his book “Mapping China`s 21st Century”.

Panagiotis Liargovas received his BA degree from the University of Athens and his MA and Ph.D degrees in Economics from Clark University, Worcester MA. For the period 2013-18 he was the Head of the Parliamentary Budget Office at the Hellenic Parliament. He is currently Chairman of the Board and Scientific Director of the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) and of the National Productivity Board. He is also Professor at the Department of Management Science and Technology, University of Peloponnese. His research agenda is highly interdisciplinary, combining economics, international trade and finance, strategy, social issues and management and focuses mainly on two regions: European Union and Southeast Europe (including Greece). He has made more than 100 publications in academic journals and has published more than 20 books.