The scientific Committee of ICODECON has decided to use the  Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) for the  submission of abstracts and papers to the Conference.

The authors who would like to submit their abstracts and/or papers to the Conference are kindly asked to use the following link to login to

If you already have an account, after you login,  you have to go to the tab ALL CONFERENCES and find the 5th International Conference of Development and Economy

You can use Kalamata as a key word to filter the Conferences and find our Conference, which is listed as 5th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF DEVELOPMENT AND ECONOMY. 

If you are using the CMT for the first time, you have to register to CMT.

if you are registered and see the tab ICODE2022 on the top of the page,  you are ready to submit your abstract. If you want to submit an abstract, go to the tab create new submission

The abstracts and papers are uploaded as .doc  docx, pdf formats. Please note that we do not accept abstracts and papers in .pdf format.

If you have difficulty in using the submission platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to

Full text articles can be submitted before and after  the conference.

Authors are required to use the following style files for submitting their articles

  1. Ms-Word
  2. Arial 11 complete alignment and single space between two lines
  3. No paragraph needed.
  4. The maximum number of pages for each article (using the style file of the conference) is twenty (20), including references and Appendices. Papers with more than twenty (20) pages cannot be included in the proceedings.
  5. Submissions should be uploaded in Word format (.doc or .docx file) by using the  Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) . For instructions, read the previous paragraph.
  6. Each author should send up to 2 papers as a first author and he can participate in any number of abstracts of papers as a co-author.
  7. All the submission fees are paid by the first author.
  8. There is no submission fee for the co-authors.
  9. Every abstract / full paper can have up to 4 (four) co-authors.
  10. The conference programme be announced in  September 2022.

ICODECON 2022 Proceedings will be published online in the conference web site by the end of November 2022.

All articles are accepted after blind refereeing from two referees. Upon acceptance authors are required to sign the copyright and transfer form.

Publication of selected papers

All presented papers after the submission of the full papers will be evaluated by the scientific committee of the conference and selected papers will be published in  international journals that are partners of the conference:

  1. Business & Enterpreneurship Journal
  2. Advances in Management and Applied Economics
  3. Journal of Applied Finance and Banking
  4. Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis
  5. Journal of Statistical and Econometric Methods
  6. Risk Market
  7. Research in Economics and Business: Central and Eastern Europe (REB)
  8. Journal of Global Economy Review
  9. International Journal of Business and Economic Sciences Applied Research
  10. Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism
  11. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics
  12. Journal of Governance and Regulation
  13. Risk Governance and Control

The authors of these papers will be informed by e-mail in time. 

In addition, the Scientific Committee of the conference is planning the edition of special volumes by:

  1. Cambrige Scholars Publishing Ltd
  2. International Journal of Business and Economic Sciences Applied Research (special issue)

Please note that a paper cannot be published in International Journals, without the submission of the Copyright and the Transfer Form.

The papers will be written in the English language

The working language of the conference is English.

Contact information for the conference: